grandparentsThe family Geraud who own the vinyards of Chateau des Ganfards has been passed down in the family for 6 generations. Situated in perigord, France, the estate is situated in Saussignac in the wine region of Bergerac in the southwest of France just outside of Bordeaux.

Living in the small village of Saussignac, the Geraud family has always been an innovator in Saussignac and the Bergerac region. In the 1870’s the family began to concentrate their efforts on being full time grape growers.

Now one of the most established grape growers in Saussignac. They are immensely respected for their commitment to terroir driven merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec, and also for their Semillon, Sauvignon and Muscadelle for the whites.

Our family

cdg-familyJean-Claude Geraud

Jean-Claude Geraud is 5th generation of the Geraud family. He is the current owner and director of the estate the Geraud vineyard. He oversees all aspects of the vineyard and winemaking process including bottling and sales. This is his family’s land; the land he grew up on, and no one knows it better than he does. He take great pride in growing grapes of the highest quality that truly reflect the individuality of the Geraud vineyard.

Jacqueline Geraud

Jacqueline Geraud is the wife of Jean-Claude and the co-director of the estate. She assists with managing the vineyard staff, the administrative aspects of the estate and sales.

Suzanne Geraud

Suzanne is the second daughter of three of Jean Claude and Jacqueline Geraud. She has a undergraduate diploma in Viticulture-Oenology in Bordeaux-Blanquefort, Viticultural high School. Suzanne is currently living and working in New Zealand as a winemaker. Before settling into her current job in New Zealand she accumulated a vast array of winemaking experiences including France, the United States and New Zealand. Suzanne and her husband Ricardo are created the Chateau Delice ltd. import company and are in charge of the distribution of Chateau des Ganfards wine in New Zealand.

Ricardo Lazo

Ricardo has a Masters degree in agricultural commerce and for over 10 years has been working in the supermarket industry. Together he and Suzanne started the distributing company in New Zealand where his ties to the supermarket industry were advantageous. Of course enjoys and appreciates the good wine, especially that made by his wife’s family.

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